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this word defines a person who is really smart but lazy at the same time. a person who is a joven doesn't admit that he is that smart but instead likes to contradict on what other people say. has a very unique personality. can be very high most of the times but has his/her own low(emuu) moments too. whenever in low moments, he/she will walk from a place that is further than 5km or more from his/her house. a joven-ish person is also more inclined to sports and music. he/she can be very quiet sometimes and loud at times too. being smart, sporty and musically inclined, we can say he/she is more of like a perfect person. too know how a joven-ish person looks like, look closely from the behaviour. if he/she talks or jokes and you just don't understand the joke or what they're talking about, you got your person.
" You're sooo joven."
"why does he have to be soo joven?"
by tokyodrift0000 March 06, 2009
An oven specially made for burning Jews. Usually built into a house, like an attic or a storage room. Can be used as a form of punishment.
"Dude Ryan was being such a dick, so I told him if he didn't cut it out I would put him in the Joven."
by rickiramone11 March 07, 2009

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