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The principal of advancing ones self by destroying others in regards to careers and egos.
#1: Dick is part of a large team, but he doesn’t care who he jostles to advance himself further along in the company.

#2: Mary is such a jostler, did you hear how she got Kris fired!?

#3 Harry and Dick didn’t feel like waiting in line so they simply jostled their way to the front of it.

#jostler #jostling #jostle #jostled #josler #josle #josled
by Jostler October 17, 2006
A term used to describe somebody you would see in the street and think "what a jostler!"
Somebody who wears astro turf shoes with jeans.

Somebody who goes out to a club in a t-shirt with the slogans; "beer monster", "if found please return to the bar", "while you're reading this I'm staring at your tits!", "I'm the daddy!"

Somebody who openly states that they know their own I.Q.

These can all be defined as Jostlers.

#wankers #tossers #jostlers #knob heads #cunts
by Huwis October 27, 2008
A wanker, one who jostles, a tosser
My boss is a complete feckin' jostler
#jostle #cock jostler #jostling #jostled #jostlee
by Biggster January 10, 2007
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