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robyn's nickname for me
'hey joshy has a huge penis'
by Brownballa April 15, 2009
The state of being overly attractive while being overwhelmingly smart. A person who is Joshy is too sexy to be imaginable. The near sight of this person cause people to stare until the person is out of sight.
Girl 1: I feel really Joshy today.

Girl 2: Are you kidding? No one is even staring at you!

Girl 3: But Josh is really Joshy today.

*All Girls stare as Josh walks by*
by The_Best_New_Name June 22, 2009
A lazy person who will go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet to get out of work.
I think he's taking a Joshy
by coolguy45 April 12, 2009
an extremely small boy with an extremely small penis and an abnormally large head
Gawd, look at that Joshy
by JEJJEJ December 30, 2007