A lazy person who will go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet to get out of work.
I think he's taking a Joshy
by coolguy45 April 12, 2009
Top Definition
The state of being overly attractive while being overwhelmingly smart. A person who is Joshy is too sexy to be imaginable. The near sight of this person cause people to stare until the person is out of sight.
Girl 1: I feel really Joshy today.

Girl 2: Are you kidding? No one is even staring at you!

Girl 3: But Josh is really Joshy today.

*All Girls stare as Josh walks by*
by The_Best_New_Name June 22, 2009
An amazing guy who is always down to help his friends, whom he considers family. He sometimes smells like onion and other times like flowers. He has gorgeous blue eyes that one could get lost in for ours. Joshy is a gentle soul underneath of his hard exterior. He is shy at first, but warms up after a while. He sometimes makes poor choices, but is trying he best to fix that. His voice will make one drool and swoon. Joshy knows exactly what to do to make girls moist. He has a heart of gold when he feels like it. Joshy tends to be perfectly imperfect.
Joshy is a sweet guy.
by PineappleJuice March 13, 2015
robyn's nickname for me
'hey joshy has a huge penis'
by Brownballa April 15, 2009
an extremely small boy with an extremely small penis and an abnormally large head
Gawd, look at that Joshy
by JEJJEJ December 30, 2007
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