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The Current leader of a worldwide organization dedicated to certain moral principles. He has been leading this organization for the past 6 years, making the youngest person to ever take control. There is some doubt among the other lower-ranked members of the organization on whether Joshua is Trustworthy due to the fact that he was first approached by the organizations enemies. He first learned under a girl named Anna. Up until he was 8 he worked for her becoming one of her most useful students. Then he met a member of the organization named Hina. Hina "converted" Joshua to the Org. and thus he betrayed the enemies. Joshua Christopher, after becoming the leader of the Org., created an elite group of fighters to protect him and Hina. He did wonderful things for the Org. which includes: Safer training for younger members, Better training for all ages, creating strong bonds with political figures and famous musicians, making a rough and later on refined contract for the leader and another for different ranks, and probably most important promoted not leaving the family that raised the members. A quote in a speech of his "I can't speak for everyone in this. I only know my own position at home. But, I cannot stress the importance of not running away from them, not only do you bring more attention to the Organization but you set yourself up to be caught and possibly detained. The order of importance in your life should be: God, your family, and the Organization." Doing this he ensured the happiness of many members. He started a period of peace between the Org. and Annas' group that lasted about 2 years. He continued doing such things until May 21st, 2005 the day that Hina was killed. Hina was killed by Zake Parish, a member of Anna's elite group. Zakes partner Jach vanished just a day or two before the assassination. Joshua found Hina just minutes before she died and tried to save her with the help of his personal surgeon Fiore Harvenheight. He held her in his arms as she died. Zake tried to kill Joshua outside of the safe house that Hina was staying in but had to run away from Joshua's fury. Joshua is still running the Organization albeit with a switch in objectives, whereas once all he fought for was peace, he now seeks to find and kill Zake and Anna.
"... It's time for them to be scared of us!!" - Joshua Christopher
by The Biographer November 06, 2008
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