That friggin annoying ugly one from Fringe! The one that can't act and the one that should go shag Olivia and then die of death. He doesn't deserve to come from canada because his mentally deranged father (in Fringe) blew on a girl's fanny in a fanfic.
Josh Jackson in hospital
"Olivia I lov-" *beeeeeeep*
by squishy_cullen April 12, 2009
Top Definition
A male organism with many dicks on his head that thinks he gets pussy but gets NONE
Josh Jackson is known as the biggest faggot in the world
by Amanda A Noble July 11, 2008
Quiet at first. Seems standoffish but is shockingly open minded. Willing to listen without pushing his insightfully correct view of the world. Doesn't need to change his demeanor to collect love from the ladies; it's all natural. Phermone laden love machine. Verile. Strong. A genuine friend and formidable enemy. Generous to a fault. Flat cool without trying.

Remember: Joshua crumbled the walls of Jericho with beats. Dope beats.
Josh Jackson is wicked smart, and shockinlgy oblivious.

Josh Jackson is aided by the winds of time and soiled by the deeds of man.

Josh Jackson is like fine wine. Better with age and too strong for virgin lips.
by 3jvj February 04, 2010

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