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A short, beautiful latina who is the epitome of cuteness, sexiness, and beauty. She will always brighten up your day and her smile will melt your heart.

Joselyns definitely are NOT the kind of girl you want to mess up with because they'll rip your heart out for trying to break theirs.
"O son! That Joselyn is mad sexy! Yo!"

"Yo I heard you and Joselyn broke up."
"Ya and she ripped my heart out."
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by Lex Mac February 05, 2010
Awesome name for a future sexy baby girl! Usually Joselyns are sexy, beautiful, talented, artistic, fierce and sometimes cute.
Joselyn is sure pretty.
#joselyn #joselynn #joselyne #josselyn #joseline
by Woahrawr August 18, 2009
An awesome name said the same as Jocelyn only spelled with an 's' instead of a 'c'.
Joselyn is going to go to the store later tonight.
#name #joselyn #jocelyn #s not c #names
by Joselyn Woods March 30, 2008
Joselyn is a name for a beautiful girl. brown hair , brown eyes, funny , cheerful, kind, great singer. a girl named joselyn is a girl you will not want to mess with she may seem sweet but if you hurt her you may regret it. once you meet a girl named joselyn you will fall in love but don't mess with her feelings girls named joselyn may be or are very sensitive. You will fall in love with a girl named Joselyn you will regret leaving her she will rip your heart out . great best friend .
Example 1 :Dude, I can't believe I left Joselyn heart-broken last night and she just left running...(hope she's ok)

example 2: Joselyn you are the best friend ever I don't know what I would do without you!!!:)
#funny #cheerful #friendly #kind #sensitive
by jloveeeee December 21, 2013
A short, typical looking girl who is usually mexican. She has a great sense of humour and is super fun and really girly.However she can be extremely annoying at times but will make u laugh to forget about it. Hardly gets mad but is super sarcastic. Commonly ends up with a luis or possibly a max.
Joselyn: OMG!!! Its one direction!!!
Luis: Shut up (thinking about how cute she is)
#short #fun #annoying #humourous #stubborn
by weirdbunnygirl June 11, 2013
A short or not that tall girl

A girl with brown hair, brown eyes, usually hispanic or mexican.
A type of girl named joselyn isnt always happy though. She might come to a point of becoming depressed or think of self-harm.

Joselyn's usually end up with a Max (maximilino) or jason.

Is a type of social and fanatic type of girl
Did you hear that joselyn got that follow from Nash Grier and Crawford Collins on Twitter
#jocelyn #josselyn #jocelin #josiline #yoselin
by CrawfordCollins April 02, 2015
1. A poor Puerto Rican who is fat, poor and unhappy with life so she has sex with any guy who gives her attention. She loves anal sex almost as much as she loves food. 2. Feels bad for being a whore so she goes to church to make fake friends. Would sleep with God if he texts her.Beware: Wears the same underwear multiple days in a row. Also may have Herpes
J9: "Hey, you know Joselyn?"
A: "Yeah, she let Angel do her in the butt and get her pregnant and dumped her, let the whole IMI team hit, then slept with her ex, and then she slept with a coworker's boyfriend who she just befriended all in the same week."
J9: "She's a ho!"

Ash: "Hey, I have to tell you something girl!"
Leen: "Yeah..."
Ash: "I had sex with Joselyn's boyfriend "CookMon" and she still calls me her best friend. This is the second time I've done it. You would think..."
Leen: " Damn, she's pathetic. She thinks I'm her friend too. Ugh she's so annoying. You would think since we do everything behind her back she would get it."
Ash: "Pfft! "CookMon" slept with J9 and the other Ash too! He played her their entire relationship! She is clueless."

Angle: “Yo, Joselyn came to W-Mobile. Just took her to Outback and got in her booty. She might be pregnant, but she’s all yours homie.”
Gustavo: “I hit it the other night after she got out of school. So easy, No Outback. Lol.”
CookMon: “What? I hit it in her house when her mom was in PR. 2 nights in a row and then our boy Charles the night after.”
Charles: “Bro, she was coming on to me. Sending me late night pics; I couldn’t turn that down. My girl caught me by her posting on Instagram.”
#cheat #anal #whore #cookie #pathetic
by CM1990 September 04, 2015
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