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Interjection - originally specific to sports, it has become a general term to describe success or happiness originally popularized by Marv Albert in sportscasting during the 90s.
As a basketball player makes the basket
Marv Albert - JORDAN!

Person 1 - I got the bands tickets
Person 2 - JORDAN!
by Liquid force October 20, 2009
the sweetest girl you will meet.she is short and half chinese. really likes guys and is super pretty.
Jordan is my coolio friend.
by liufhilurghuiffvhn February 25, 2012
Hottie! But kinda an idiot! White guy that can pull of being a nigger or even a cowboy ! Pretty good singer ! nice guy ! Has a rough mustache :/ (one I would like to wax off!) Haha likes to party! Has a nice car , saves me and my friend when we're stranded in the city and takes us home! Cutest little sister! :P plays hockey! And has some really annoying habits! But all over pretty nice guy! Haha
Jordan's a fag! :)
the definiton of goon trooping , sap sucking, tree licking , fart smelling , social recluse. Most commonly found in 15th prestige lobbies at the early hours of the morning. Make sure to steer clear from this human chode as he will troll you till you stab him in the neck.
i was playing black ops last night and joined a lobby. Full of freaking jordans so i left before they could troll me
by pittddyy June 28, 2011
"One loutish, headstrong penis, a barbarous cuntivore without a flyspeck of decency in him. The capscallion of all rapscallions. A scurvy, vermiform scug with a serpentine twinkle in his solitary eye. An orgulous Turk who strikes in the dark vaults of flesh like a penile thunderbolt. A greedy cur seeking shadows, slick crevices, tuna fish ecstasy, and sleep..." -Richard Dooling, Brain Storm
1. Jordan is a cuntivore

2. Jordan = cuntivore

3. "I'm Jordan. Therefore, I am. A cuntivore."

4. If Jordan = cuntivore, then by the symmetric property we may also determine that cuntivore = Jordan

5. "If all cuntivores are orgulous Turks and all orgulous Turks are Jordans, then are all Jordans cuntivores?"

by BadManThomas August 12, 2011
Another word for Man-whore. Only cares about himself and has the biggest ego known to man kind. Very athletic and very smart, but doesnt know what to do with his life. Will blame others for his failures, losses and lonliness.
wow did you hear that guy just cheated on his girlfriend? What a Jordan.
by sillinessisyou February 17, 2011
The name for the infamous mexican that roams tech schools.
Also see Googobbler
Robby: Jordan gets so pissed when he gets called Googobbler.

Aaron: Carefull he might have a shank from his prison days.

Robby: Oh shit, you're right.

Chase: I'm GAY!

Aaron + Robby: You already said that Chase.
by WickedRealDefinitions January 09, 2010