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Second Oldest & Lead Vocalist of the Fly as hell South Korean Group SHINee, Born April 8, 1990.
Did you see that last performance by SHINee? JongHyun held that note like a boss.
by ArieRose August 13, 2010
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A Korean idol singer who is also one of the sexiest men alive. Has an amazing voice and jawline. He slightly resembles a T-Rex.
non-Shawol: What is that T-Rex doing stomping around with people?
Shawol: That's Jonghyun. And he's a sexy T-Rex.
by zsofi-shawol July 17, 2011
Hot piece of ass.

A member of the popular south korean pop group SHINee.
Person 1: Holy shit, that guy is insanely hot, who is he?
Person 2: It's Jonghyun of course, motherfucker

Person 3: I would do him ten times over, and i'm not even gay
Person 4: Who wouldn't?
by h24tn June 02, 2013

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