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1. Canadian actor, best known for his role Nikola Tesla in the TV-series Sanctuary. Also co-founder of the Electric Company Theatre in Vancouver, Canada.
Jonathon is an extremely talented actor and a great person, as he managed to overcome the loss of his daughter Azra in 2009 and to continue his work.
He was nominated for Best Guest Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for his role in "Revelations part 2" (Sanctuary) for the Leo Awards 2009 and won a Jessie award in 2011 for Outstanding Original Script.
The fans call him "J-Yo", this nickname having been proposed by his colleague on Sanctuary, Ryan Robbins.

2. Can also be used as an adjective, generally referring a mixture of pure epicness and sexiness.
1. Jonathon is my favorite actor! I love him so much!
Jonathon Young has the most ruffable hair ever.
2.That guy is so abnormally hot and delicious, he's so J-Yo!
by blackkitty June 25, 2011
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