A posh name for a "Jondoms" or "Jonnies", widely known as condoms.
A guy walks into a pharmacy:

"Hello shopkeep, a pack of your finest Jonathans please."
by Tom O'Brien January 06, 2006
Jonathan is the sweetest guy you will ever meet!! He's such an amazing boyfriend I can't even explain! ;) :) he's super sweet and incredibly smart. Anytime I need help he's always there for me :) :D I couldn't ask for more of a better person and boyfriend in my life! I love him so much!!! ;D He's the most positive person you will ever meet! I love to make him laugh or smile because his smile is the best joy I can find in life. I love you so much babe!! -Nicole ;) :)
Jonathan's are amazing, but mostly the one I have ;)
by nicoleb322 September 08, 2013

A gift from God.

And as sure as hell he is.

The best ones are strangely ginger.
Girl 1: So who's this new guy you're dating?
Girl 2: Oh, just some guy called Jonathan.
Girl 1: Dibs on Maid of Honor.
by cannacoop7 June 23, 2013
Jonathan C.
A sexy, handsome, amazing guy.
Felicia's boyfriend.
Oh look! Theres Jonathan! *faints*
I sure would like to have me a Jonathan.
by hisamazinglittlegirlfriend January 17, 2011
Handsome. Strong leader, expressive, devoted, guilty of tunnel vision and not letting anyone get in his way of getting what he wants. He has high expectations of others and of himself. Passionate about causes. Sensitive but tries hard to hide it. Loves to laugh and have a good time. Hates drama. Changes his mind over and over until he is sure. Has a temper. Plans for everything, and worries about the things he can't control or plan for. Great guy who others look up to.
Jonathan is a great guy!
by jhgfghfdfhj October 10, 2013
The sweetest guy in the world. Jonathan always makes you feel better when you're down, it's in his nature to help. He loves passionately and unconditionally. He is a true friend above all else but if you are lucky enough to be his lover, he will treat you like a Queen. Jonathan is an old soul with wisdom beyond his years. When you look into his eyes, you can see his heart, his compassion and his pain. NEVER take him for granted. He is the one who will always be there for you.
I love Jonathan with all my heart.. How could I not?
by Erah October 28, 2013
A dreamy boy with gorgeous eyes who will love you (or claim to) for 6 months then tell you he cheated on you 2 months ago and expect you to forgive him.
Yeah he's gorgeous, but he's a Jonathan. He'll break your heart.
by Bumble0308 December 26, 2014

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