The name of someone who used to be kind, caring and gentle. People treated him like crap and now he's one of the most evil people around. He has very few friends and tends to show hatred towards everyone else. The only people he still cares about are his family. He is very selfish, manipulative, rude and greedy.
Girl: What ever happened to Jonathan?

Girl 2: He finally went off the deep end. Stay away from him.
by wooby55 October 08, 2014
British slang term for diarrhea.

Most likely a variation on colloquial term "the trots", derived from the English cricketer Jonathan Trott
I had the Jonathans this morning.
by pamelajamsamwitch June 02, 2011
A true gay hill-billy. Probably married to his brother, probably has 28 children, and most probably loves to catch catfish with his dick. You be warned, do not dare enter his swamp without his permission.
Jonathan: Ma there's another gator in the house!

Jonathan's ma: Another gator?! Give me that shovel!
by Tutankhamun1 October 29, 2013
A rather irritating and insufficient waste of a human being who needs to be told everything. He doesn't know what to do,and even when he is told to do something he has no idea what the fuck it he has to do.
You: y are u not breathing?
Jonathan: o I forgot... U have to remind me, im just a Jonathan.
by jonathan sucks massive wang April 28, 2013
straight up bitch
your being a jonathan
by WoWaYoN April 25, 2013
A guy who plays with himself by putting his hand in his pocket and rubbing.
I can't believe you did the Jonathan while waiting in the grocery line.


That Jonathan left some cream in my jeans.
by Slim Dingo September 26, 2011
Dominican male.
Not as cool as Bianca.
Very noob.
I sure wish I wasn't so Jonathan at this video game.
by taimaishoo August 02, 2011

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