Another new boy-band that is liked by tween girls who use lots of smileys when they write something. Their lead singer, Joe Jonas, basically just whispers and yells and it is counted as singing. If you have friends who like this band, be worried. Try to make them listen to real music so that they realize what crap the Jonas Brothers are.
Girl: omg i freaking love the Jonas Brothers, like, omg you have no idea.
Girl 2: stfu and listen to some real music
by yiggityYO June 10, 2008
Another example of our generation's poor view on music. It's bad enough to have to listen to their slipshod lyrics and brazen guitar riffs, but then they have the nerve to consider themselves a "rock band". It's not completely the jonas brothers fault, on the contrary it's the fan base that account for 2/3 of the public's anger. The fact that these 10-16 yr old girls try to defend them with little or no logical reason just fuels the public's anger to the point where hating them is a household topic. I'm not saying i hate them personally(even though they claim they're rock when they are straight edge virgins) but don't go and defend them like their the next Nirvana. Their nothing more than a fad that will die when their adults and it's a shame that bands like them and miley cyrus top the charts rather than bands that put effort and time into their albums. America's funny like that
No need, the jonas brothers show it on "On demand" every 5 minutes
by TCS-EB August 17, 2008
The gayest bad in human history. A group of fags who dont have any friends, and must instead hang out with their own brothers. All are extremely ugly and untalented, only Miley Cyrus is slutty enough to date one of them.
Person #1: Hey, I just googled the word "gay", so why did the Jonas Brothers come up for all the results?

Person #2: Dude, where have you been? Everyone knows he Jonas brothers are a bunch of flamming homosexuals
by JBs_sux August 02, 2008
A bunch of donkey ass-raping cock munchers and faggots. Their fanbase consists of rabid cock-wielders a.k.a. little immature girls who don't know what music is or what rock is. These butt-pirate fag machines frequently give each other anal backstage. If you have a f*cking brain, you don't like these bag-slapping, disney raping, shit-sucking, cum drinking, homos. F*ck! People, do you know what music is anymore?!?!?!?! These f*cking chastity loving queers are sucking some major cock and yet many do not seem to notice.
Anything Disney is already an epic fail and is scarred for life.

These queers don't play anything in the "rock" genre and yet their fans think they do.

The typical Jonas Brothers fan has a massive shit-covered dick up their ass.
by UrDadsDad December 12, 2008
3 talentless pricks who sing shitty pop songs which 6-17 year old females(and some males) tend to like
boy: OMG SO DO I!!!!!!!
person who likes good music:you guys are retarded listening to them! You dont know good music!!!!
boy and girl:ZOMG SHUT UP! *runs away crying*
by talksomeshit October 09, 2009
My re-defenition of this shit is it's ANOTHER FUCKING TEEN POP Group with three guys that are brothers. No it's not the Hansons, it's the Jonas Brothers. I don't mind looking good but there music talent is awful, when joe sings, it sound like he's forcing his voice too much, like he's actually (and I'll laugh if it's true) trying to be a rocker. Nick is also just an uninteresting guitarist (a reason why other boy bands don't use instruments)

The fangirls are just as worst (maybe more than) It's like you just wanna hurt the jonas and just kill their fans. Any girl would just use lousy shit like "you jealous" I don't need Disney to waste my time just to be famous, dumb bitch! they're famous no thinks to Disney that itself is really going sown the drain. Most of them just say they're hot and not even talk about they're music talent (a good way to tell they don't have any) it's like they just watch a jonas brothers video on mute.

Becuase of these fucks, they hate I once had against Hip Hop is gone.

They also fuck up classics like Kids of America, no wait it's now called "Kids of the Future"
person 1: What's with you!

person 2: the worst 3 minuets I had was a 3 member group no music talent at all and my ears are hurting.

person 1: Jonas Brothers?

Person 2: yes, please kill me

by Alan Massacre April 14, 2009
proof that god hates the human race
god hates us so he sent down the jonas brothers
by 666hater666 May 29, 2009
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