A pop-rock (popular rock) band of brothers consisting of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas was discovered singing when he was at a hair salon with his mother at the age of 3. Someone then referred him to an agency. Then he performed on broadway in the shows "Les Miserables" (Gavroche)"Beauty and the Beast" (Chip) "the Sound of Music" and "Annie Get Your Gun". In 2004 he recorded a solo self-titled Christian album with his brothers as backup singers/musicians. All 3 boys have played guitar, drums, and piano all of their lives. They recorded a demo song called Please Be Mine for Nicholas, who had planned on being a solo artist at the time and Columbia Records signed them as a trio. They recorded an album called "Its about Time" under this label in 2005. In 2006, the record label shut down leaving the boys without one. They were signed to the Disney-owned record label Hollywood Records in 2006 and continue to be successful,talented, musicians who seem to improve and mature through each album.

Fanbase : Stereotype vs Reality..

the stereotypical jonas fan is under the age of 12 and only likes them for their looks. this is a COMMON MISCONCEPTION. Jonas Brothers have a fanbase of all ages and 99% of their fans love their music, and who they are as people. They are the most dedicated fans in the world...


Jonas Haters typically hide behind a computer screen and spam Jonas Brother's youtube, myspace, twitter etc as a result of their ignorance. Most of the time these haters act as if they are superior to Jonas fans bc they hate them and believe that one day they can harm the boys. Their behavior is eerily similar to that of a white supremacist.
how can you judge a piece of music by hearing 3milliseconds of it or not hearing it at all... you cant, so stop judging the jonas brothers by that, and dig a little deeper than the surface bc 100% of the time, the stereotype is wrong

"Personally, I am not in the band to say 'hey you have to respect us and take us seriously' because that's kind of stupid. We're doing it because we love it and dont care what age group we attract. If they like our music,they like our music and if they dont, fine. We dont need you to like our music." - Joe Jonas
by jonai September 28, 2009
A band made up of three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick.
Alot of people hate them, but alot of people love them.
They write all of their own songs and are known for being christian and wearing purity rings. Their fanbase is 90% made up of 13-19 year old girls and they are one of the most well known bands going. Nick Jonas has done a side project with a band which was called 'Nick Jonas and the Administration' and himself and Joe have both performed on broadway. They do NOT lipsync and they play their own instruments. They are thought of as a band from disney channel when really they were a band for years before they signed with disney. They currently have 4 albums (as of 2010) and Nick has 2 solo albums also. They deserve more respect than they are given and most people who dislike them don't know many of their songs or anything about them.
Person #1. Did you hear the new Jonas Brothers song?

Person #2. Yeah it's really catchy i love the chorus!
by TheKooooks August 25, 2010
A boy pop band.

You are either completely in love with them or absolutely hate them. Some people say that they can't sing and have not talent, But the truth of the matter is that they are some of the biggest starts of the moment and they obviously wouldn't be superstars if they didn't have talent.
Did you hear the new Jonas Brothers song yesterday?
by VeronicaBieber January 28, 2010
Three brothers from New Jersey who are amazing musicians, contrary to popular belief. Many don't like them which the thousands of fans (who are not all stupid brainwashed little girls) would accept if they were respectful about it and did not spend their lives posting long inaccurate comments about how much they suck. Their music is both fun and meaningful. The three most talented brothers in the US.
Jonas hater: The Jonas Brothers suck..they suck cock *enter another generic comment here* blah blah blah
Jonas fan: wow you have a life...not..
by munt31 November 23, 2009
A band that started in Wyckoff, New Jersey. The band consists of three guys, Nicholas Jerry Jonas - 16, Joseph Adam Jonas - 20, Paul Kevin Jonas II - 21. It started out when Nick got discovered in a barber shop and they had him write music. Kevin and Joe helped him write and sing the song ' Please Be Mine ' which made them get discovered too. They made one album with Columbia Records, called ' It's About Time'. After that they dropped that company and went with Hollywood Records, which they have gained three albums from. Their self titled album 'Jonas Brothers', their first platinum ' A Little Bit Longer', and their newest ' Lines, Vines, And Trying Times'. They are popular, but mostly for girls from ages 13-20. Boys normally don't like them, but there are some that do. They wear purity rings, which means no sex til marriage. Kevin recently got engaged to Danielle Delesea. They got engaged July 1st, 2009.
Jonas Brothers World Tour
by megans.... August 18, 2009
hottest guys around.

American boyband; signed to Hollywood Records; have released four albums, three which have gone platinum; popular with preteen/teenage girls; music is generally catchy pop.
OMG, I just went to a Jonas Brothers concert and they were so amazing and good looking, I was speechless.
by jonasfckingchrist April 22, 2011
A group of three brothers from New Jersey that write their own music and care about their fans.

A group as popular as the Jonas Brothers, otherwise known as JB or JoBros, will have good and bad publicity.

The band, consisting of Joe, 20, Nick, 17, and Kevin, 21, are often compared to the Beatles, a very popular band that shaped the world's history.

The Jonas Brothers have released 4 ablums so far, It's About Time (2006), Jonas Brothers (2007), A Little Bit Longer (2008), and Lines, Vines and Trying Times (2009). Each album has at least one song that stands out to listeners. The song Mandy, featured on It's About Time, is about a close family friend who dated Joe. They are still great friends. The self-titled album has many songs that fans still listen to including S.O.S., Hold On, When You Look Me In The Eyes, and Year 3000. They wrote all of these except for Year 3000 which was also on It's About Time. Burning Up and A little Bit Longer are the two most mentioned on A little Bit Longer. Nick, the youngest who has diabetes, wrote the song ( shortened to ALBL by many) while in Canada filming Camp Rock 1. Paranoid and Much Better are only 2 of many great songs on Lines, Vines and Trying Times (shortened to LVATT by fans). The song Fly with Me was featured in the end credits of the movie "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian" where JB did the voices of three cherub statues.
Teenie: Oh Em Jay!!! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS! Nick and Joe are the only good looking JoBros. Kevin is ugly. He shouldn't be in the band.

Real Fan doesn't say anything. Real Fan shoots the Teenie in the head and lets them bleed.
by oliviaisme September 29, 2009
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