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a fuck-tarded pop band that think their so cool and awwwwsome and claims "their" "music" is "rock" and dont forget they share their fans with justin beiber ! the "band" and and their fans (10-year-old whores) cant even imagine a time where you actually had to sing GOOD to be a singer . dont be fooled by the "purity rings " kids they gang bang eachother when there not on set because they love being incest !
1. jonas brothers: "awww yeah we are so cool with our afro haircuts and our rock music !!!!!!!111!!!!!ONE!!!!1"

2.jonas brothers : "hey justin bebier your so cool and gangsta just like us so we will give you some of our 10-year-old whor....uh i mean fans

3. jonas brothers fan: "whuuuuut that cant be there wasn't auto-tune when music was actually good their had to be RIGHT!!?!?!?!?!?!!111???!!?!?!ONE?!?!?!?"

4.jonas bitch #1 : "oh yah jo bro bitch #2 and #3 mom and uncle was right being incest really does feel good "
by ihavedescenttasteinmusic July 27, 2010

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