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A man who is very handsome, has a great personality, has the ability to get a lot of girls, flirts a lot, many girls like and would love to get with, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, has a good sized penis, very funny and can make any type of person want to become friends with them.
"I'm such a loser, i wish i was a jon jon."
by Johnny Hobkins April 08, 2009
A very sexy guy! sweet and awww.. loveable n gorgeous n downright do-able!
ooo ur such a jonjon! ;)
by emmy May 27, 2004
Jonjon : to do something simple and turn it into an epic result...either in a good way, bad way or... both.
Larry: Jon sure jonjon ed that Meyerson account.
Bill: what happened?
Fred : well, he lost us the Meyerson account...bbut now Mr.Witherspoon wants our business.
All: He really Jonjon it up.
by jack m. hill July 21, 2014