an extremely large gentleman from Whickam, tyne and wear whom bares a strong resemblance to postman pat and spends the morning striding the surrounding fields picking vegetables
The Jolly green giant of whickam bank.
by giant watcher October 26, 2006
Top Definition
The baddest mother in the fucking valley:

The mighty MH-53 PAVE LOW was friend to downed pilots, SPEC OP types, puppies, and small children everywhere, while at the same time the bane of those unfortunate enough to be in it's gunner's sights.

"Call in the Jolly Green Giants. We need a ride."
by Darrell Parkhill August 15, 2009
a large poop, typically about 5-10 inches in length, that is very green
George had quite the jolly green giant in Barnes and Noble yesterday.
by Tom Clark March 28, 2005
is a huge fellow that picks corn in Whickham rocks from side to side and says "ERRRRRRRM THEM LADS MAURA HELP ERRRRRRM HO HO HO"

.....remember the 80s tinned vegetable advert?
by The G Man August 28, 2003
Jolly Green Giant : A big dick with a green condom on
Jeff stuck that bitch with his jolly green giant. She can't fuckin walk!
by Joel February 24, 2003
A Green Giant is an extremely large gentleman who rocks from side to side while chanting "err Mora, those lads are taking the mick like, errm"
I love corn, errm Ron
by Ron Bell August 26, 2003
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