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Also spelled "j0ll0ck5". From "leet speak", a typographical language originating from nerdy Asian kids with no testicular activity.

Definition: One with no testicles; a lack of nuttage.
"t3h j0ll0cks 15 teh bs37!!!"
(The JOLLOCKS is the best)

"You brother is teh j0ll0ck5, James."
by Ryan Dacey February 15, 2005
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Jollocks is a word that i created in ict about 3 months ago. it came about as i was randomly changing the B in bollocks to other letters. finally after trying jollocks i was satisfied and use it now as a replacement for bollocks. Also it is the name of the dark horse on google images. just put ,jolocks in to google.
*typing this and makes a mistake* "OH JOLLOCKS"
#bollocks #jollocks #balls #dicks #you #me #poo #sperm
by I AM NIELDO March 17, 2009
An alternative word for "crap", "balls" or "bollocks".
Can also be used as an insult to others.
"Jollocks" exclaimed Jess

As an insult:
"oh Hayz stop being such a jollocks narny" said Jess

#crap #balls #bollocks #damn #bugger
by Holy Moseph! March 26, 2009
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