A gay sexual act when two men rub there penises (or Johnson's) together.
Guy 1:I heard Chad and Arthur were doing the Johnson & Johnson last night

Guy 2: What a bunch of queers
by TheAverageStudent December 26, 2010
The act of two males having sex with one female. realted word: finger-cuff
We have Jill the Johnson&Johnson last night.
by Sulucci September 11, 2006
A sexual act in which a partner gives another a blow job, but before ejaculation he turns the partners head, finding himself ejaculating into said person ear. Proceeds to push them down, reach around remove two Q-tips from there asshole and throw them on said person face.
I was skull fucking her so hard, then stopped..... Then let her have the Johnson & Johnson... BooYaa!
by Rick Bowers May 15, 2008

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