One of the hottest men in Hollywood. Starred in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka), Nick of Time (over protective father), and the forever famous Pirates of the Carribbean Trilogy (Captain Jack Sparrow.)
Megan loves Johnny Depp. Say one thing about him, and she'll go crazy.
by Megg<3 December 25, 2007
A good actor no one very few people paid any attention to until Pirates Of The Caribbean. Then every one hopped on his dick.
Trick ass ho: OMFG Johnny Depp is soooooo hot!!!11!!!!1

Me: Name a film he was in other than Pirates....

Trick ass ho: ....OMFG Edward Scissorhand!!!1!!1!11!

Me: EVERYONE uses that movie. He's the 4th best actor: Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Jim Carey
by JamesF1987 October 15, 2007
Hottest 40-year-old guy and one of the hottest and best actors today in general. And the guy who made up Jack Sparrow which = ultimate greatness.
Johnny Depp is really hot, and hottest when he's Jack Sparrow. He's a pretty amazing actor too....
by Abbyeon April 24, 2007
An extremely talented actor who is one of the sexiest guys alive (Refer to Julian Casablancas) and makes it okay to lust after him for this exact reason. He isn't in it for the money or the fame, and enjoys attempting to make himself displeasing to the eye, which is impossible and in turn makes him even sexier. He adapted pirates to a modern context enjoyable for a range of audiences which makes him nothing short of a genius.
Johnny Depp is like a fine wine.
by SophXxx August 12, 2006
The sexiest man to have ever walked this earth. He makes my heartthrob whenever i see him......especially when he is jack sparrow....mmmmmmm.....
He is the most orgasmic man alive and if i had the chance i would fuck and suck him anyday!
Johnny Depp is the one and only sex bomb. He will be forever mine.......
by Laurah July 21, 2006
the man who gives women (and some men) instant orgasms at the mere sight of his sexy self
by Gisizzle July 23, 2004
awesome actor. I'm not gay or anything, but he's a fucking beast. Johnny, your great. (Blow, Pirates, and Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas were your best man!)
Johnny Depp: "What the fuck?" (in Blow )
Me: "rofl!"
by Dysfunction September 25, 2003

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