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Johndenel is always found playing football. He loves to play with balls. He looks beautiful. He has a pet dog, and it only has 3 legs. His best friend is no one because he is picky as fuck. He loves fried chicken, and not because he is black. That shit is good. He also enjoys calling people racist, because, well, everyone is a fucking racist. He has blackish brown hair and likes to put lots and lots and lots and lots of product into it. But somehow his hair hasnt fallen out yet. He likes the phrase, "Nice work," because he is a wonderfully comlementitive person. He likes Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and he likes dancing, even though he hasnt tried it himself. His middle name is Jerome, and he wants to marry his footballs. His favourite colour is pink and his favorite food is vegetables. Overall Johndenel is a fab guy, and if you ever meet one, tell him that his friend Cherie is supa coot and gr8 m8 with an 8
"Oh hey Johndenel, you friend Cherie is supa coot and gr8 m8"
"With an 8?"
by sexxy12vie692hot4words April 02, 2013

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