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Stage name of song writer/singer Christopher Breaux. Very talented singer, and a member of the rap group OFWGKTA. His style is certainly different from his counterparts such as Tyler and Earl. He recently released his first mixtape nostalgia,ULTRA which received critical acclaim, although some dubbed it "dark and tasteless".
Mark: "Damn, did you hear the song 'American Wedding' by Frank Ocean? It's orgasmic"
Bob: Who's Frank Ocean?
Mark: *slowly pulls out knife*
by Nmk93 June 21, 2011
A Muthafuckin Liar. Saying he's dropping his album in July but really playing with is fans emotions. The type of nigga that will tell you he down the street but still be in the bed eating froot loops and shit.
"Aye I thought that nigga was on his way over here"

"Man nah he a fucking Frank Ocean"
by BriCoop September 04, 2015
African american (black) singer and songwriter. Is gay. Has a really good album called channelORANGE. wears cool t shirts that don't match his pants and shoes. Has glasses. Really good looking. Rusty voice
Dude 1: hey who's that really hot black guy with all the songs about pyramids and shit?
Dude 2: oh you mean frank ocean. Yeah he's gay like you, so you might know him.
Dude 1: what the fuck is wrong with you?! Not all gay guys know each other stupid motherfucker!! Jesus Christ.
Dude 2: okay well sorry. Look up the song pyramids Δ and novacane they're cool.
by and-my-name-is-TUPAC May 05, 2015
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