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Proper noun. Nicknames include: 'The Troll', 'The King of Trolls', 'The Mother of Trolls' and the 'Lord of the Trolls' (the JohnSid himself prefers the title 'The Master Troll')

The JohnSid is simply a master at work. He has trolled hundreds, maybe thousands of victims, made more than a hundred rage comics that we're never released, written two books (The Complete Guide To Trolling by JohnSid being released soon), invented the '40 Quests to become a Troll' and finally, the VidamegaTroll.

Trolling since birth, he has always enjoyed ruining other people's days to make his day better. JohnSid is considered to be the 'Original Troll', constantly trolling teachers, friends, family and enemies.
Usage of the word is forbidden. Only to be written down and sent through virtual means. Anyone who says JohnSid outlOud will suffer a terrible fate for they will be swallowed whole by trolls in the next 24 hours.
by 1nv151b13 December 30, 2012
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