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A John-Luke is a cool and chill person, very intellectual, and has a good sense of humor. Usually the nice one in a group of guys that will stick up for people.
Why don't you try to be John-Luke?
by felixconsummatio October 27, 2011
Anyone named John Luke is pretty much the most awesome person you'll ever meet. And he's great in bed, ladies. Aside from his good looks, height, athletic body; he's a lover not a fighter, but don't get any ideas cause he's also a fighter. He can put out a fire by simply telling it to go away. If you plan on staying in his bed yoga and stretching are recommended for your safety.

This can also be used as a verb for a sexual position.
"I got John Luked so hard last night"
"We did it Luke style"
by Denise Richards69 November 30, 2011

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