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pseudonym most used to "shake" the FBI
FBI Agent: Sir, are you Crackhead Pete?
Crackhead Pete: Uh... no... my name is uh... John Smith.
FBI Agent: Sir, your black.
by John Smith March 18, 2005
An English name... contains two clichés.
guy #1: I'm John Smith.
guy #2: Can't your mom think of a better name than that?
by -\_/- September 09, 2005
Microsoft's example name when customising m$ software.
eg. John Smith
by John Cactus August 15, 2005
The name given to the top requested male whore in prison.
For two packs of smokes you can get John Smith.
by Rob Aldridge February 26, 2007
Dr Who's pseudonym when he is introducing himself to one he does not want to confide his real identity to.
Random: Who are you
The Dr: uhh...John Smith
by some random stalker August 23, 2010
possibly then greatest beer in all the world but only drank in england. it is unstoppably creamy and doesnt hav that bitter taste wat guinness has. evry1 in the world (apart from america) should drink it
i went out last nite n drank 54 pints of john smiths extra cold at the jolly farmer
by b bibble August 06, 2005
A spasian person that is composed of 99.9% of pure, concentrated badassery that God intended to place in the universe.
Damn, that fight was something that only a johnsmith could put up. I feel bad for that other poor basterd.
by lucky to write johnsmith August 10, 2010

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