can be the most beautiful and unreal thing to ever happen to you. He can be the one to show you true love, if only you dared. To those that cant have him, its the most tortureous feeling to recognize his existence. What lies behind those soul staring eyes, only the universe knows.
Person 1-"Ive liked this guy for 3 years now but im too scared to talk to him."
Person 2-"He must be your John."

jon jhon
by kawoline December 27, 2012
porn addict. loves watching anime kids shows. complete pervert.
John, are you watching porn again?!
by cl'er May 20, 2015
John hmm... John is probably Asian probably good at math. Good at basketball and probably is having a good relasonship john is cool and he can sometimes eat to much noodles and go rap god style on your ass but yeh then he is cool
I asked john to do my math homework because I was falling behind
by Omg283 August 21, 2014
John is a really love Abel boy who is sooo handsome and any girl would want to be with him but he only belongs with one girl jade but anyway john is a big deal he is a amazing guy a girl would fall in love with him instantly
John is such a hottey
by 092@$.d*** April 08, 2015
According to google dictionary! John means:

a toilet.

a prostitute's client.
John is so hot that he can attract all the females in the entire planet, but he can't keep any of them, at the end he ends up with a whore. John is so handsome that his lover gave up on him and will not even use him as a toilet.
by too good looking February 01, 2014
my unicorn. <3. BLONDE hair gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect smile, he'll keep you (me) smiling all day long.
John dblu is awesome
by xxyo_mommaxx September 23, 2011
The nicest guy you will ever meet. He is handsome and brave. He will protect you and take care of you. He can be witty and funny. When talking about certain subjects he can get a little fired up. He does not like large red headed women so stay away. He enjoys classical music, the symphony, the ballet, and playing guitar. He is a lover of fine wines.
Did you notice how positively John he is? Yes, I can't stop thinking about the Johnness of it all.
by geezelouise February 25, 2014
John likes hairy nipples. Lovely guy though.
Me: Hey John whats your favourite thing
John: Big hairy Nipples
by You_know_who September 23, 2013
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