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awesome mexican guy with a big dick (yes even bigger than Pedro) and also have this italian faggot kid named Raul on his dick
John is such an awesome and talented archer and got a big dick

Yeah Raul loves sucking John's dick
by anonymouslelo May 17, 2014
Term for Marijuana. A good code word for talking about weed in public / around parents etc...
"Wanna don John?" - "Maan, i'm so john'd out right now" - "Fancy some John?" - "Shall we Don some John?"
by Joan Johnson October 20, 2013
An extremely talented and handsome guy, he loves playing the bass guitar and listens to jazz music. He is really shy but only because he is very special and unique inside and afraid to show it. You are a very lucky person if you get to see that side of him :) He has long dark blonde/ light brownish hair with a few waves in it and light brown eyes. He has a nickname named Thor for his hair, and could mean his strength to because he has great muscles and is very strong. He is funny and likes to make odd faces and say derp and merp through text messages. He loves his video games but will never put them first when he falls in love. He likes steak, and bacon , basically all meat...I love John with all my heart and he is the best boyfriend ever <3
"Woohh hes eating so much bacon!" .. "HE MUST BE A JOHN!


"Yeahh hes a John"

"derp" .."stop acting like a john"

loooool i had too XD
by ilegitwonderwhoiam February 02, 2013
John is amazing. Often falls for blonde girls who do not really want to go out with him. He falls for his bestfriends and he cannot help it
Person 1-John is my bestfriend
John-I like you
by urejsjka4ifdflkdss November 26, 2012
the cutest most adorable person in the entire of the world
i am a john. meep.
by Meepmeep meep March 13, 2012
Is an EXTREMELY hot guy with beautiful black hair and green eyes. Has an awesome body.

Smart, and financially savvy.

Confident, but down-to-earth. Has a sweet sense of humor:)

Can make a girl feel special:)

Knows the best places to hang out. Fun to be around.

Someone I now wish was part of my life. Wish I never said no.
Who is that fine guy walking by?

I don't know, but must be a JOHN!
by ME12345ME12345 December 08, 2011
The nicest guy you will ever meet. He is handsome and brave. He will protect you and take care of you. He can be witty and funny. When talking about certain subjects he can get a little fired up. He does not like large red headed women so stay away. He enjoys classical music, the symphony, the ballet, and playing guitar. He is a lover of fine wines.
Did you notice how positively John he is? Yes, I can't stop thinking about the Johnness of it all.
by geezelouise February 25, 2014