Toilet, condom, someone who uses the services of a prostitute, name for a male; often short of Jonathan, or Johnny.
I'm called John, I piss in johns, use johns with my girlfriend, and my ex-"girlfriends" refer to me as john too.
by ElephantsCanAlwaysUnderstand July 26, 2012
Is an EXTREMELY hot guy with beautiful black hair and green eyes. Has an awesome body.

Smart, and financially savvy.

Confident, but down-to-earth. Has a sweet sense of humor:)

Can make a girl feel special:)

Knows the best places to hang out. Fun to be around.

Someone I now wish was part of my life. Wish I never said no.
Who is that fine guy walking by?

I don't know, but must be a JOHN!
by ME12345ME12345 December 08, 2011
Brittney's future boyfriend =]
Brittney: John will you be mine?
John: of course!
by His future August 22, 2011
A boy who looks like luke hemmings. He is the definition of eye candy. But he will lead you on and will tear your heart apart. Some think of him as a good friend others think he's a jerk
I love a john but i hate a john
by MichaelCIsMine January 15, 2015
porn addict. loves watching anime kids shows. complete pervert.
John, are you watching porn again?!
by cl'er May 20, 2015
John hmm... John is probably Asian probably good at math. Good at basketball and probably is having a good relasonship john is cool and he can sometimes eat to much noodles and go rap god style on your ass but yeh then he is cool
I asked john to do my math homework because I was falling behind
by Omg283 August 21, 2014
A pencil neck young man who spends most of his days dwelling in a dim lit room where he smokes copius amounts of pot and angel dust with his girlfriend, he is a poor communicator and he doesnt go in sunlight, nor does he sleep any less than 16 hours a day
John is fried
by Narfwar March 08, 2016

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