John is amazing. Often falls for blonde girls who do not really want to go out with him. He falls for his bestfriends and he cannot help it
Person 1-John is my bestfriend
John-I like you
by urejsjka4ifdflkdss November 26, 2012
Is an EXTREMELY hot guy with beautiful black hair and green eyes. Has an awesome body.

Smart, and financially savvy.

Confident, but down-to-earth. Has a sweet sense of humor:)

Can make a girl feel special:)

Knows the best places to hang out. Fun to be around.

Someone I now wish was part of my life. Wish I never said no.
Who is that fine guy walking by?

I don't know, but must be a JOHN!
by ME12345ME12345 December 08, 2011
Substandard, junk, cheap or low-grade
This place is totally John. The room is disgusting.
by Kelly Amber August 26, 2016
If you are a John you love eating ass.
That guy was being a real John when he tongue punched my fart box.
by Squirle14 June 05, 2016
Someone, typically a man, who pays for any kind of sexual act because he can't get any from his woman or can't get a woman.
He became a John when his wife quit giving him blow jobs.
by Blinkdavis768 June 04, 2016
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