Toilet, condom, someone who uses the services of a prostitute, name for a male; often short of Jonathan, or Johnny.
I'm called John, I piss in johns, use johns with my girlfriend, and my ex-"girlfriends" refer to me as john too.
by ElephantsCanAlwaysUnderstand July 26, 2012
Literally one of the most common names other than Muhammad. Typically a tall man with a fit build. Often times blue eyes and blonde or light brown hair. Can be extremely annoying yet funny as hell. Extremely caring and puts other people first. Faithful and loving and not afraid to show his emotions. Absolutely incredible athlete.
Who's Kirsten's new boyfriend?
Omg she's dating John, she's so lucky!
by Jaydee red May 29, 2016
A complete absolute DICK HEAD who messes with your head and makes u fall in love with them and then you can't let go even though it feels like a thousand shards of glass sticking of your heart
John: I love you
Me: I love you too
John: jk bye
Olivia: *cries*
by Ooo la la! June 26, 2016
John hmm... John is probably Asian probably good at math. Good at basketball and probably is having a good relasonship john is cool and he can sometimes eat to much noodles and go rap god style on your ass but yeh then he is cool
I asked john to do my math homework because I was falling behind
by Omg283 August 21, 2014
A guy who gives you no attention. Overweight and extremely obsessed with video games. Will probably turn gay and live in his parents basement for the rest of his life. Don't date john, he'll treat you like he doesn't know you.
I dated a john and will regret it for the rest of my life.
by magicflash May 28, 2016
porn addict. loves watching anime kids shows. complete pervert.
John, are you watching porn again?!
by cl'er May 20, 2015
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