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a beautiful person both inside and out. she is one of a kind and an amazingly awesome and loyal friend. she's always there for her friends no matter what. her bff loves her bunches and bunches always and forever.
Tuck loves his bff Jordan Paglia very much :)
by tuck:) June 02, 2009
5 1

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this definition is not to be confused with the other definitions for jordan and paglia on urban dictionary. jordan, meaning a very large penis and paglia, a cigarette.

a jordan paglia is generally in most cases a female. typically she would be a girl who is stunningly beautiful, hilariously funny, ridiculously intelligent, and the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. this is a must for someone to be called a jordan paglia. other characteristics could be asian like eyes or the fact that they like to get it up the butt... hard.
"See that girl?"
"She's a dime, definitely a Jordan Paglia."
by tuck:) June 02, 2009
7 3