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The process of wheeling AND chopping a girl at the same time.
Most guys like to wheel, and chop.
So John Deering is just a more efficient way to get both done.
Why? Because John Deere tractors both wheel and chop-- at the same time.
Example One:
Guy #1: "Mannn I wish I could wheel Tatiana, she's sexy!"

Guy #2: "Dude just John Deere her, you'll get the wheeling and the chopping done at the same time!"

Guy #3: "Whoa man, you're a genius!"

Example Two:
Guy #1: "Dude I'm totally John Deering Kaitlyn!"

Guy #2: "Nice! You wheel and chop at the same time? Giterdun!"
by mysterygirl8765 December 10, 2009
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