A person of western lineage who comes to Asia to pay for sex. Derived from soldiers(or GI Joes) who stayed in Asia following the Vietnam War and took Asian wives or girl friends. In contemporary usage, Joey refers to patrons of the Asian sex industry.
Maggie noticed a healthy population of shirtless, sagging Joeys on the beach, fawning and cooing their younger lady friends, happy to oblige at a rate of $30 US per day.
by Joseph Johns October 08, 2008
to borrow money from someone and then borrow money from someone else to pay of the previous lender and so on always in reduced value until u pretty much owe the last lender a hug, cheapskate, cheap, miser, petty, brassy

One of our friends who was named Joey would borrow money to pay for dinner and then say he owed that guy a beer. Then he would borrow money from the next guy to pay of the previous lender and would owe this guy a muffin. Until the last guy he owed was a hug or a thanks.
Hey! He pulled of a joey on us.

That taxi dude pulled of a Joey.

Stop joeying with us!!!
by Jacob Balthazar February 12, 2008
A small bird such as a budgie or a bluejay.
Did you just see that Joey attack that man for his food?!
by greengiraffe22 June 17, 2008
what you call a youth from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut who is visiting the Ski areas of Southern vermont
Hey look at that Joey, what a dork, or on many occasions, from which the name comes, you will hear a loud voice shouting, "Joooooeeeeeeyyyyy", I am assuming, for the child to return to the brood.
by Pawblo August 30, 2007
1. the one and only jew.

2.he has a nice asshole, it is lickable. all can resist him but jimmy proper risk.
by foweesha September 04, 2008
man boobs...of course aptly named so because an ex member of a very popular sitcom had a considerable pair.
person one : 'wow man, I havent had any pussy in 1 year! what do you think is wrong?'

person two : 'erm its pretty simple dude, you have an epic pair of joey's'
by the man with the golden bun April 21, 2008
One who's knees buckle under them, also dances and sings uncontrollably.
Don't be a Joey tonight.
by I know who I am February 09, 2008

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