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Joeing is the particular act of two or more straight, strictly heterosexual, men all getting together and performing oral sex on one another, and in some cases, having full sexual intercourse.

Afterward, they talk about sports together for roughly 10 to 15 minutes, then they all go about their day like nothing ever happened.
Co-worker 1: We all went Joeing at Nick's house on our lunch break yesterday.

Co-worker 2: Wow fag, are you gay?!

Co-worker 1: No its whatever, it was just Joeing
by EthanFBM May 24, 2010
The act of laying on the ground, arms by your side, while another person stands over the individual on the ground. This act is a reinactment of a knockout perpetrated by a young 12-14 year old male delivered on an older man. Derived from the fact that a "joey" means a young baby- the act of getting knocked out by one of these young "joey's" is joe-ing.
Dude that 14 year old just knocked out that old man, let's get a picture of that guy on the ground joe-ing
by 55rectory May 18, 2013
Joeing (aka vomiting) is the act of regurgitation during, or immediately after, a contents that involves drinking or food eating. Critically, the act of Joeing disqualifies the participant from the contest. This includes, but is not limited to; beer pong, flip cup, shots, speed eating, and civil war.
"I just saw you Joeing at the end of flip cup, you lose, even though we both finished at the same time!"
by Man_With_The_Plan March 20, 2013
When someone leaves a print job on a printer for long durations at a time
Hey who the hell is joeing the copier again? this is the fifth time today!
by Darthazion July 10, 2013
another word for crying.
person: dude remember that one time at dennys when joemar was joeing on that one guys birthday. it was totally awesome!
by Joemar Bilog August 15, 2005
To walk off without letting anyone know where you are going or when you will be returning.
Kate: Where has John gone?
Chris: He must be joeing off
by Nothing_45 March 28, 2015
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