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The lead guitarist for Aerosmith. Known for playing guitar solos behind his back, usage of the slide guitar, and beating his guitar with his shirt. He is cooler than thou, has long black hair, and plays guitar very freestyle, yet is a highly skilled and respected musician. He provides backup vocals to Aerosmith and even sings lead vocals sometimes. In the 1970s, he and Steven Tyler were known as the Toxic Twins for their legendary drug abuse. Today, he is sober and spends his time making music and enjoying life with his family.
Damn, I wish I could be like Joe Perry. Making millions of dollars playing guitar and attracting all the ladies.
by acb April 30, 2007
The Lead Guitarist of Aerosmith.
Hes not known for his solo crap,Mostly for beign with the band.
One of the best guitar players ever.
Whos Joe perry??
The best ever
by Ljguitarchik18 May 07, 2007
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