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A small, picturesque, upper class town in Morris County, New Jersey. The streets are lined with coffee shops, banks, and expensive, trendy boutiques. everyone drives mercedes, bmw's, audis, jeeps, range rovers, or lexuses and you don't have to look far to find a hummer, porsche, or jaguar. popped-collars and designer jeans are essential, if you don't own a pair of expensive jeans you don't belong here. the high school is filled with every stereotype you've ever seen in a movie, but don't be fooled by the disheveled, dirty stoner-boy, because he probably drives an escalade and lives in a masion ten-times the size of your house. regardless of your social clique, everyone parties hard. beer pong reigns supreme and every kind of drug is in abundance. kids come from everywhere to party here.

overall, it's a classy and awesome town and everyone in the surrounding towns (i.e., summit, basking ridge, chatham, etc) wished they lived here.
we party harder than you at mendham high school, all while wearing our ralph lauren polo's and seven jeans.
by so rich so pretty March 22, 2007
rich, white town filled with playa haters. moms who snort lines before they drive their kids to practice and fathers who go on "business trips." don't mess. our lawyers will kick your ass.
white boy: yo can i buy some weed?
black guy from morristown: ....your from mendham arent you?
by la fonda January 23, 2007
richest snobbiest place in new jersey. great schooling, but zomg worst people ever......and all but one cop sucks , and most people are ashamed to say they live here
person one: where you from
person two: uhhm a small town near morristown
person one: what town
person two: mendham

*person one gives person two a dirty look and spits on him*
by cabose December 26, 2006
mendham is a tiny, scary town in jersey that is all about drugs and divorce and perfect lawns. everyone thinks it is so great and class but it's really not. on the surface it is decievingly proper.. but under all that, you'll find that everyone here has these really insane dark secrets, heroin addictions or dead bodies in the basements and shit like that. there are loads of sweet artsy kids here, poppy pricks, jockstars and celebrities. mendham blows. the high school blows.
ps: keep out of the alleys. you may be accosted by a footballer/rapist or a man dressed as jesus.
"dude, that kid is mad weird."
"he's from mendham."
"oh. my bad."
by glenn danzig June 13, 2007
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