Short for a Jonas Brothers' faggot-ass band member or a male faggot-ass fan.
Person #1- "Dude you can't go wrong with Led Zeppelin."
Person #2- "I don't know, I'm sort of into hip-hop."
Faggot- "My favorite band of all time is the Jonas Brothers!"
Person #1- "Dude, what a fucking Joe Bro."
Person #2 shoots Faggot in the face.
by AtomicHerpes December 21, 2009
an abreveation for "the jonas brothers". A boy band type composed of three brothers, Nick Jonas(14), Joe Jonas (18), and Kevin Jonas (19). Mostly played on disney channel and what not.
A-"how cute are those joe bros?!"
B-" Nick and Joe are adorable, but Kevin is just totalllly BUSTED"
A-"yeah i know, that joe br0 got slapped with the ugly stick!"
by Mandy__<3 September 06, 2007
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