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The nickname given by paul rudd's character to jason segel's character from one of the funniest movie "I Love You, Man" oh and theres also andy samberg there playing a gay guy
Sydney Fife: You get home safe, Pistol!

Peter Klaven: You got it, Joben!

Sydney Fife: I'm sorry, what?

Peter Klaven: Er... nothing.

Sydney Fife: No, what did you say?

Peter Klaven: Nah, I don't know... You nicknamed me Pistol, and I just called you... "Joben"... It means nothing... I don't... I'm drunk... I'm gonna call a cab.
by heyhohoho February 07, 2010
A nickname that is given to you by a person who cant think of a better nickname.
"Alright, ill see you...later...Joben..."
by Brunes May 03, 2009
A word from the eastern coast meaning a person of no luck, a "jonah", or someone who always loses in everything. A joben is not something you would want to be.
" All of the tickets you scratched were Losers you joben!"
by eldurato779 April 19, 2010