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To coolly dispatch a carefully wrapped jobby and place it in an unsuspecting victims pocket.
Jason slowly brought out the roll of cling film and placed it over the toilet pan. His jobbyslipper was created. After he finished offloading he beautifully wrapped it into a small robust package and placed it in his bosses coat pocket.
by AldoHarris October 11, 2007
A father’s slipper or shoe that has been filled up with one of his offsprings faeces.
Father – “Aw naw wee Mike has been at it again Sandra, he has just Jobbyslippered my shoes!!!”

Sandra- That’s one Jobbyslipper to many for me, he is either getting grounded or his pocket money docked, Kid’s these days and their jobbyslippering, I just don’t know."

by AldoHarris October 11, 2007