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The act of purposely breaking or destroying your friends house/property, using such implements as eggs, whipping cream, hockey sticks, and fire.

One who jobbles can be known as a "Jobbla". These people are renown for their tendancy to jobble at house parties and the like.

It is considered poor etiquette to jobble whilst sober.

A game often played whilst jobbling is "Jobblecarton". This involves a carton of your selected juice being beaten around a room (preferably the kitchen), until sufficient damage has been done.
Hey Keith, lets bang 7 gram rocks and Jobble Tom's tonight!
by PaedophileJenkins March 22, 2011
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Any dangling body part. (Gender neutral.)
"Check out her jobbles; they fill up the whole billboard."

"Michelle wanted to kick the wanker's jobbles."
by janelle renée August 18, 2006
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Well-Known is Jobbles the Brain Invader of Norwegian myth, he is said to enter ones brain when they are camping out near a large body of water and infest their brain cavities with purple eggs that will hatch three days later.
by larstait October 30, 2003
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To gargle one's testicles
To treat testicles as though they were mouthwash
"Jobble me, baby, jobble me"
"Why don't you jobble me"
"Yeah, you jobble those balls"
by Malfecient Employee November 11, 2009
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Dude man, you're gaining some weight. You already have a jobble!
by Evelynne November 30, 2007
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