A band who is hated by various people.

Hated by softer metal fans because they are too hard.
Hated by death metal fans because they are too soft.
Disliked by me because of those stupid pig squeals.
Job For A Cowboy would be a lot better without those goddamn squeals.
#job #for #a #cowboy #deathcore #death #metal #pig squeals
by JFAC October 08, 2007
A deathcore-turned-death metal band from Arizona. Their music is uniformly bad, and there is nothing remotely "progressive" or "underground" about them, judging by how many Hot Topic kiddies I see wearing their shirts.
For good death metal, listen to Nile.
For good deathcore, listen to Whitechapel.
But for the love of God, don't listen to Job for a Cowboy.
#death metal #deathcore #metal #unoriginal #boring
by MasterInferno October 14, 2008
Considered to be one of the bands to recieve major benefit from the current MySpace phenomenon, and their use of it, Job For A Cowboy are a deathcore-turned-poser-death-metal outfit from Arizona.

While Job For A Cowboy can be seen as pioneers of death metal by their loyal legion of fans, purists consider them a lame band with a penchant for pig squeals - referencing Job For A Cowboy's debut EP, Doom, which was responsible for their success.

Job For A Cowboy is for fans of: Despised Icon, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and Bring Me The Horizon.
Scene Kid: "Job For A Cowboy are the best metal band today, and the Doom EP was, and is, the most br00tal album ever."

Genuine Metalhead: "Job For A Cowboy is nothing but fourth-rate garbage for idiots who don't know shit about metal."

TxKx: "Job For A Cowboy is a perfect example of what is wrong with today's metal scene. This rubbish can only appeal to impressionable 16-year-old posers who spend too much time on MySpace; basically, it's absolute fail."
#deathcore #poser #scene #metal #myspace #death metal #rubbish
by TxKx September 06, 2007

One of the worst bands I have ever heard next to "A Fallen Aesthetic." It's nothing but a bunch of sloppy, overly-distorted guitar riffs, and the drums are so bad you could pick up some sticks and bang a drumset and it would sound just the same. And their songs and lyrics are about things like eating a taquito and subsequently taking a dump. Stupid.
"Man, Job for a Cowboy sucks! But I'd rather let my ears suffer cause A Fallen Aesthetic is just gay. And the only thing more gay than the band 'A Fallen Aesthetic' is the name."

"Job for a Cowboy is so stupid. I heard their song that was about eating a taquito and taking a dump and it made me want to bash my face into the sidewalk."
#robot #heart #aesthetic #job for a cowboy #gay
by Asawisper July 13, 2008
A progressive death metal/screamo band from arizona. Their music contains intense shreding, violent horrific lyrics, and screamo that is uncomparable to any other screamo, cuz its just too beast.
A true n00b could never handle the sound produced by Job for a Cowboy.

If you're a fan of rap music or pop rock, and you're in the 30 mile proximity radius of Job for a Cowboy...run your ass back to your house, hide in your closet, and hang yourself, and while you hang there dying, slit your wrists til you bleed dry, speeding up the process of your death, redeeming for the fact that you're unworthy of existing in the presence of Job for a Cowboy...even tho they might be 30 miles away.
#death metal #pwnage #hardcore #beast #doom
by Beast Lee May 01, 2007
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