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A male clothing line. Jnco stands for Judge none, choose one.
by anonymous N June 26, 2009
Expensive jeans that punks like to wear. A common belief is that its an acryonym for Jeans Niggers Can't Own due to the price.
Damn now that i have some JNCO jeans im gonna be the coolest kid in school.
by Koko November 28, 2004
kewlest clothing line ever!
Dawg! where did you get those JNCO pants!
by sum buddy January 12, 2004
jeans that are so cool even eminem or 50 CENT cant wear ( only i can )
emeinem and 50 CENT dont wear them
by yair j dude January 07, 2004
a pair of jeans that white kids wear that think they are the shit. the acranym "jeans niggers cant own" is false cause they sell shirts with gangster coligraphy on them
yo dawg, i got myself a pair of jncos
by alexe February 24, 2005
just another clothing line,other mostly posers may where it.if you have spare money and you need some clothing, like their clothing AND you have alot of spare cash AND you like their style (me) then git my opinion its stupid poeple complain about it
some dude: dude it cost to much
me: if your a kid save up money it you and adults git a friggin job
by skylar April 25, 2005
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