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Screwing up a putt in Tiger Woods Golf '10. Pulling back the putt seems easy, but it is easy to squiggle the controller, therefore resulting in a jizzy-dick.
"Harrison, you need to sink this putt for a birdie. Don't Jizzy-dick it."

"Oh man Turkey, you just jizzy-dicked the shit out of that putt."

"Sonny jizzy-dicked the putt on the 18th hole."
by geekchapel April 18, 2010
the feeling of residue on your penis either premature or post ejaculation.
1. You just hung out with Amanda, you got that jizzy dick?

2. The sight of Scarlette Johansson's chron tits gave me the case of the jizzy dick.
by SaltyBrahh May 24, 2010
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