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The act of engaging in sex (including, but not limited to intercourse and oral or anal sex) and subsequent ejaculation on Disneyland/World property.
Man #1: Sarah and I went to Disneyland for our honeymoon.
Man #2: Cool, what did you guys do?
Man #1: Well, I rode the rides, and then I took her inside the bathroom and I rode her! Some guy in a Goofy costume was watching us. Dude, we turned Disneyland into Jizzneyland!
by MonaForPrez February 02, 2015
When a city or town specifically zones an area for "adult" businesses.
Troy, NY resident: Did you know that the City Council voted on the "Jizzneyland" zone last night? I'm not sure if 70 acres near a residential neighborhood is going to be enough.
by whocaresaboutNY April 05, 2013

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