Drizzle + Jizz = Jizzle
"I just jizzled all over that pumpkin."
by KakaG January 31, 2010
One of the coolest people you know.
Can also be used as "Jiz".
That guy is so cool, he's the jizzle.
by Headz September 13, 2003
Right at the moment of climax for a man, his girlfriend/partner kicks/hits him right between the balls and shaft in the same manner someone would drive a chisel into a crack or between two pieces of wood. This is often done either to 1. increase the muzzle velocity of jizz out of the shaft, 2. cut off (literally) the amount of jizz that makes it through the shaft or 3. let the man know he performed unsatisfactorily in bed.
1. My girlfriend jizzled me while blowing me last night. She lost sight in her left eye.
2. My boyfriend's jizzes too much in my mouth, so I started jizzling him to lower the portion size.
3. I can't wait to jizzle my cheating boyfriend when he gets home tonight.
by seanybear October 22, 2013
When the male semen falls as if it is drizzling rain.
In "Kinky Backyard Latino's and Mexican's: v.2" The black guy, Richard, Jizzled on them hoes.
by Ice Baby December 09, 2009
Term used to resemble cum, either cock cum or pussy cum. Usually used mid sentence, like the following example...
* Steph jizzles over his hot sexy body -f-
* Pineapple jizzles all over her breasts and pussy.-m-
Meaning used for refering to cum or sperm. Also a word used in Urban Rambling.
Yo, she jizzled my nizzle pizzle, yo. Ya mean, dawg?
by Wrath Of Goat June 25, 2003
(n) Name given to a collection of bad porn
There's nothing better to watch than this jizzle?
by DeazyDaDude June 08, 2009

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