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To screw up something that was a sure thing.
Hey how'd your calc test go?

Not good. I knew the stuff, I just jizzed in my pants.
by Spocker December 01, 2010
what happens to men when they discover bruce willis is dead at the end of sixth sense.
when i bruce willis was dead at the end of sixth sense i.. JIZZED IN MY PANTS.
by bagelbailey June 07, 2009
Someone who gets overly excited or horny and they ejaculate in their pants.
"Zack what are you making that face for? You look really horny and we are in an all boys school. Your scaring me."

"Dude I feel so good I just Jizzed In My Pants."
by Smithers john January 31, 2009
A song parody on Saturday Night Live and a slang term for sperming in your pants.
Example 1:
"I just ate a grape and I JIZZED, IN, MY PANTS"

Example 2:
Mike:"I just jizzed in my pants......"

by Brad5o5 January 31, 2009
When something is or tastes so mind blowing you just explode in an amazement similar to an orgasm; a term meaning something is so enjoyable you could have had an orgasm
Laquisha: Oh my god! Did you you see that movie Magic Mike?! Sarah: Of course! I nearly Jizzed in my pants!
OMG! Did you see Connor today?! I swear I Jizzed in my pants! That boy is SO fine!
by BitchPlease!Forreal? September 03, 2013
To get a huge shock.
I was sitting behind this girl today and she turned around. Then I jizzed in my pants. Turns out she was my ex...
by pantswetter November 20, 2010
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