An exceptionally large water balloon full of nasty sticky semen used for humiliating someone at a party. Throw at passing cars for additional entertainment.
Dude, i destroyed Stevo's self confidence at his party with a warm jizzbomb.

The poor bastard in that car probably thought a flock of fucking eagles all shit on him at once when i nailed him with that jizzbomb.
by Blake A October 16, 2004
Top Definition
White sticky icky fluid that comes out the penis, jizzbomb being a huge ass load that it takes 4-5 seconds to clear..generally sticking to the wall or flying up in the air & hitting something
Damn, i just jerked off for the 1st time in 3 years..what a jizzbomb that was
by Deezy May 19, 2003
A big wad of jizz or cum a man lets go while he is having an orgasm. :)
Man, i just jizz bombed on thats sluts face!
by Jewish slut January 07, 2003
(v) to covertly put a wad of jizz (semen) into someone's drink
Check it out: Kyle just jizzbombed Brett's Dr. Pepper! That kid sure likes to jizzbomb. Be careful when you drink around him.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
(n) A wad of jizz in a glass of water, soda or alcohol or juice or other drinks intended to fool the drinker into consuming it
Check it out! Kyle is about to drink my jizz bomb.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
1/3 Goldslagger, 1/3 Vodka, 1/3 Red Bull, mixed in that order. Named due to its appearance.
"Dude that looks like somebody pissed in a shotglass, then jerked off into it through a strainer. Lets call it a 'Jizz Bomb'."
a water ballon that has been filled over the past weeks or months with semen or the semen of several people.
"hey, I got my brothers three man ballon launcher lets make some jizz bombs and go to the girls soccer practice"
by Steve Mongkok August 28, 2009
A Jizz Bomb is a word describing a ball of sperm once shot from the penis while ejaculating.
When I was with tim, gave him a big Jizz Bomb
by Danny T October 26, 2004
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