A balloon filled with water and laced with jizz that is thrown at someone
I threw a jizz-bomb at Randy; he wondered why it was salty!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008
JizzBomb; A large and unexpected amount semen that is suddenly and, violently blasted towards/onto an object or person in an explosion like fashion.
That homeless man Roberto tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned, he blasted me in the face with a JizzBomb
by Cliff & Roberto May 27, 2008
The essence of a genuine Jizzbomb works like this. When you are getting busy with your bird, as you are about to cum, you pull out of her, pull your foreskin forward and shoot inside it (it helps if you are not fully hard so you have more foreskinto cover your helmet) Your foreskin with then fill out with said jizz, like a bullfrog. At this point, you spring your cock forward whilst releasing your foreskin from your fingers, this will produce the ultimate Jizzbomb all over her (face if you are lucky)
me and my bird were having some sex the other night and instead of the conventional cumshot, I held my foreskin together over my cock then released a huge jizzbomb over her, it was wicked!
by Goosewing555 September 04, 2012
When a boy puts a weeks worth of cum in a condom, then sprays all over his naked girlfriend as she shouts "CUMHOUSE"
Boy: "Let me do my jizz bomb on you."
Girl: "Fack off."
by dizzy mack March 11, 2014
When you are very horny and start jerking off to a good porno you'll drop a jizzbomb after a while.
"Oh my goodness I'm so horny today I think I'm gonna drop a real jizzbomb"
by <ShiZZel> November 30, 2006
To Ejaculate on an extacy pill, then snort it
Hey Dawg!?! You tryin to do a jizz bomb tonight? My homeboy said it was spermtastic.
by watermouth January 12, 2009
An exceptionally large water balloon full of nasty sticky semen used for humiliating someone at a party. Throw at passing cars for additional entertainment.
Dude, i destroyed Stevo's self confidence at his party with a warm jizzbomb.

The poor bastard in that car probably thought a flock of fucking eagles all shit on him at once when i nailed him with that jizzbomb.
by Blake A October 16, 2004

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