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As a result of receiving a cauliflower ear, any jizz left over clogs and forms smelly, rotten cheese down the ear. As a result, small bacterial men breed in your ear AND YOU DIE, cos they eat your soul.
Andy: Yo nigga, yo' seen jane lately?
Jeff: I gave her a cauliflower ear and the dirty bitch didnt wash her eardrums, so she got cauliflower cheese mate. AND DIED.
Andy: Ok
by j7x November 18, 2006
A promiscuous vixen that enjoys regularly partaking in the activity of sexual intercourse.
However, she will insist that you plough into her poo pipe in prefence.

A very dirty young girl.
Andy: Hey babe, can i give you a test drive? Always try before you buy.
P.P (poo pipe princess): Hellyeah, but remember: Up the back door, or not at all.
Andy: Sure, why not.
by j7x January 13, 2008
A sponge used by others to soak up personal abuse. His horrific features, annoying nature and random outbursts make a Markland a perfect stress reducing tool.
J.M. : i liek bicsuit mmmmmm (random crap)
Stressed other: Shut the fuck up Jonny Markland

problem solved
by J7X January 18, 2008
A sexual posistion consisting of two men and a woman.
The woman is suspended between the two men, with her legs spread outwards in a V shape (hence the name). One guy then takes her in the ass. The other up the front.
Both men hold on and jiggle her up and down.
Jeff: Fuck me, that flying V with jefilf was so phitt last night. I nearly creamed myself just thinkin about it.
J7X: I know man, i DID cream myself, all over her face.

And the moral of this story is, jefilf is fit.
by J7X November 25, 2006
When a russian child becomes 16, they throw special birthday parties. The main event is when the Jizzbomb is brought out. It is a large cake that when the candles burn down to the bottom, it explodes and white cream flies everywhere on everyone's face.
Boris: The load from that jizzbomb was huge, it coated my eyes!
Marissa: I know, i was so excited. I licked all that jizzbomb off good.
Your mum: FUCK MY BOTTOM, jizz in my eyes.
by j7x November 18, 2006
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