Makes you want to jizz, or produce jizz
"That song is so jizzable!"
"The thought of you makes me feel all jizzable.."
by loopylizziemoo October 16, 2006
Top Definition
so good you could spunk over it
did u see that fit woman last night?
yeah, she was jizzable
by Jizzdup October 31, 2007
sexy, to look so good that it may cause ejaculation
dam girl u b lookin quite jizzable 2day
by Mex I Can March 28, 2009
describing something or someone who is so appealing, hot and/or awesome that they bring you to the extent of pleasure
Her legs are totally jizzable

That songs beat is jizzable
by fazdawg January 19, 2011
When something is so cool and awesome its almost jizzable.
Dude that is so Jizzable, Omg...thats Jizzable
by Greetings.fellow.humans. January 29, 2011

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