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Jish, or Gush-halav is a shawarma-free village northern of Israel, its inhabitants are known for living in Haifa
one: where are you from?
two: jish
one: where the hell is that?
by rashidjones December 14, 2010
When someone is being a Jew and you are have an issue with this person. Not to get you confused with a Jewish issue, like Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank. But, it would be appropriate in the context of someone being a filthy dirty Jew bastard and you have a medium to large sized issue with this person.
"What's the Jish man?" "I have a Jish to pick with you."
by SlyDirtyDog November 17, 2012
When you're anxiously awaiting a text from someone you're very attracted to and interested in but instead you receive a text from one of your friends about an unrelated and unimportant subject. Usually accompanied by feelings of disappointment often followed by anger at the one who interrupted the state of mind you were in and got your hopes up that the special person was actually going to text you.

Most frequently used in the past tense as "jished"
-"So I waiting for this hot girl I met last week to text me back and Jake totally jished me to tell me about a dump he took."

-"I didn't respond to your text because you jished me and it pissed me off."
by dafastudio February 22, 2011
to party like a rockstar

jish, jished, jhishing
i want to jish, my friend and i were jishing
by paul and sam August 22, 2007
A term used in Northern Ireland for people who wet the bed
That guy wet the bed he's such a Jish
by Cerbur hit by a bus June 30, 2016
sit on, lounge in
jish, jishing, jished
im jishing the the chair..., i jished the table, im goiing to jish my room, i want to jish you..haha
by paige and mogo August 22, 2007
To mix ones urine (pish) with ones Semen(Jizz)
After numerous golden showers and some manky sex Sally was coated in Jish
by Rossco_ June 20, 2008
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