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A Korean slut who acts like a twinky, has the shittest memory and likes leather jackets. Jinwook's often suck at continuing conversations and are also inner camwhores. They are also carriers of herpes.
Girl 1: oh shit damn that's the hottest asian i've ever seen

Girl 2: yeah but he's a jinwook, don't want your vagina touching that
by carrotsbecarrotating August 30, 2011
A Sexual position in which a male lies face down, another is inserting his dick into the other guys anal hole and a third guy is actually underneath the first guy sucking his dick. A fourth man is also optional, to put his dick in the second guys mouth.
guy 1: man, that jinwook last night hektik.
guy 2: yeah, i'm still tired.

callum: omgawshh it wathh thoo totally great XD
by bowsschick December 17, 2010
A Jinwook (or a kimjin) is tan, mus-culy, and just plain sexy. but he also gets six A's which just ruins it. If the brother toned his academics down a little bit, the chicks will come running. but till then, expect some reaaalll lonelyness coming ur ways. its never good to overachieve.
girl 1: that guy is such a Jinwook
girl 2: what a shame, id totally bang him
by bowsschick December 17, 2010